Dexo Roadmap to Success

Dexo Team is developing a "Global Finance Platform for the Decentralized World Powered by Blockchain & Smart Contracts with No Intermediate"

Dexo Roadmap & Project Plan

Quarter- 2 & Quarter 3 2022

🟣Dexo Idea & Initial Team Finalisation 🟣Dexo Website Live 🟣Beta Launch- AMM Trading & Advanced NFT Marketplace 🟣Beta Launch- Dexo Farms, Pools & Staking 🟣Dexo Community Building 🟣Dexo Airdrop Campaign Launch

Quarter-4 2022

🔵Mainnet Launch- Dexo AMM Trading & Advanced NFT Marketplace 🔵Mainnet Launch- Dexo Farms, Pools & Staking 🔵Beta Testing- Dexo C-Dex Order-Book Trading 🔵Full Security Audit for Dexo Smart Contracts 🔵Dexo Tokens Presale Launch 🔵Marketing Drive & Community Building 🔵DEXO Token Listing on Multiple CEX Exchanges 🔵Mainnet Launch- Dexo Cross-Chain Support 🔵Dexo Bug Bounty Program Launch

Quarter-1 2023

🟣Mainnet Launch- Dexo C-Dex Order-Book Trading 🟣Mainnet Launch- Dexo IFO & INO Launchpads 🟣Dexo Perpetual Trading Terminal Live 🟣Further Exchange Listings for DEXO Token 🟣Beta Launch for Dexo Index Trading 🟣Contunious Marketing Drive & Community Building 🟣Development Starts for Dexo Lending & Borrowing Protocol

Quarter-2 2023

🔵Mainnet Launch- Dexo Index Trading Terminal 🔵Beta Launch- Dexo Lending & Borrowing 🔵Exploring Partnerships for Dexo Lending & Borrowing Protocol 🔵Partnership with Project Teams for Dexo Launchpad 🔵Dexo will Launch its Aid Program to Support Artists across Globe for its NFT Marketplace 🔵Contunious Marketing Drive & Community Building 🔵Development starts for Dexo Gamification 🔵Dexo Team Expansion

Quarter-3 2023

🟣Further Exchange Listing for DEXO Tokens 🟣Dexo DAO Launch- Voting Portal Live for Dexo Community 🟣Initial Launch for Dexo Games with Continuing Development for more Games 🟣DEXO Token Burn Starts 🟣Continous Development to Support Different Chains 🟣Marketing Drive & Community Building for Dexo Games

Quarter-4 2023

🔵Dexo will Launch its own Metaverse with over 30 different Games 🔵Continuing DEXO Token Burn 🔵Regular Audits of Smart Contracts 🔵Continued Enhancements For Dexo Ecosystem

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