About DEXO Token

DEXO is the Native BEP-20 Token that Fuels the Entire Dexo Ecosystem. It Acts as Both a "Utility & Dexo Governance" Token.

DEXO Token Use Cases: DEXO Token plays a quintessential role in the smooth functioning of the Dexo ecosystem. Some of the use cases of DEXO Tokens are as follows:

  • Stake it in DEXO Staking Pools to Earn Free Tokens

  • Use it in Yield Farms to Earn more DEXO Tokens

  • Use DEXO Tokens to pay discounted fees across the entire Dexo ecosystem

  • Hold DEXO Tokens to get exclusive access to all IFO & INO Projects

  • Hold DEXO Tokens to access Dexo Games & Other Exclusive Early Participation.

Dexo Community Governance:- DEXO holders are responsible for the governance of the Dexo Protocol, which is done by selecting valid proposals by DEXO Tokens holders. But that's not all -- there's much more on the horizon for DEXO Token & its Community.

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