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Dexo Exchange Whitepaper

An Extended Decentralized Exchange with the "World 1st C-DEX Protocol"
Bringing a "Unified Platform to a Decentralized World". No Registration, No KYC, Truly Decentralized. Dexo is a New-Generation intermediate blockchain ecosystem that harnesses C-Dex, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized worlds of cryptos. Our offerings aren't confined to a decentralized trading protocol. We aim to cater to a wide spectrum of DeFi participants and businesses through our advanced Trading Terminals, NFT Marketplace, Launchpads, Gamification, and much more...
Dexo aims to connect all isolated blockchains and establish a cross-chain asset exchange network, providing all necessary underlying support for the DeFi ecosystem. Let every digital asset holder experience a truly safe, free and transparent DeFi service.
Disclaimer: This whitepaper is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer document, a prospectus, an offer of securities, advice for investment, or any suggestion to sell a product or an asset (whether digital or real). The info here is not exhaustive and does not imply any contractual relationship. Please acknowledge that circumstances may change, and the whitepaper may become outdated.


The paradigm shift towards financial decentralization is arguably one of the most important revolutions of humankind in the 21st century. Moving away from the cen­tralized financial system brings tons of advantages and ultimately economic biases. Financial democracy is quintessential for any economy to prosper, and fortunately, the process has already begun with the invention of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
Today, many centralized exchanges offer great services(convenience and reliability to their users) However, these CEXs are controlled by a centralized authority that defies the core principle of Blockchain Technology- Anonymity, Transparency & Control. On the other hand, well estab­lished decentralized exchanges offer great anonymity and trust but lack efficiency and con­venience.
To accelerate the adoption of cryptos and decentralized finance as a whole, there is a real need for a protocol that effectively combines the pros of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Several attempts have been made to address this problem, but most remain ineffective.

Table of Content:

1. Introduction

1.1 C-DEX Protocol 1.2 C-DEX Functioning 1.3 Why C-DEX

2. Our Offerings

2.1 AMM & Orderbook Trading 2.2 NFT Marketplace 2.3 Launchpad 2.4 Perpetual Trading 2.5 Index Trading 2.6 Lending Borrowing 2.7 Gamification

3. Dexo Token

3.1 DEXO Token 3.2 DEXO Tokenomics 3.3 DEXO Token Utilities 3.4 DEXO Token Rewards

4. Dexo Roadmap 5. Dexo Team

1. Introduction

1.1 C-DEX Protocol: Say Hello to Dexo Exchange: C-DEX is a one-of-its-kind decentralized cryptocurrency ex­change with the potential to change the way crypto traders and investors engage with DEXs. C-DEX combines the pros of centralized and decentralized exchanges to offer a holistic trading experience for our users.
With C-DEX, the user can effectively perform all the traditional DeFi activities such as swapping, farming, mining, and staking with a whole new range of new offerings which are currently being offered by only large centralized exchanges. Our offerings aren't confined to decentralized trading platforms only. We aim to cater to a wide spectrum of DeFi products with the latest innovation in blockchain technology to bring ease and convenience to our users.
1.2 C-DEX Functioning: A new-gen intermediate blockchain ecosystem that harnesses C-Dex, a decentralized exchange that bridges the gap between centralized and decentralized worlds. Dexo is focused on building world-class decen­tralized products that offer the convenience and reliability of existing centralized alternatives. All in all, C-DEX offers transparency, reliability, affordability, and convenience in a single platform interface like no other decentralized exchange in the market.
1.2 Why C-DEX: Decentralized exchanges are known for offering security, anonymity, and transparency. Most decentralized exchanges currently in the market today are doing a great job in these areas. However, they are still plagued by cons such as failed trades, delayed order execution, front-running, high slip­page, and the absence of many other advanced features which are being offered by centralized exchanges.
These factors discourage traders from opting for decentralized exchanges. In­stead, they prefer using a centralized exchange free of these draw­ backs and with many offerings under a single platform. But in doing this, they are giving up control of their funds. That won't be the case with Dexo Exchange. As an innovative non-custo­dial decentralized exchange, C-DEX takes decentralized trading to a whole new level by solving users' problems, Users can trade directly from their wallet app. Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, Dexo doesn’t hold users' funds: Users will have 100% ownership of their own funds.

2. Dexo Offerings

2.1 AMM & Orderbook Trading Dexo has its own developed solutions to provide an advanced trading experience with traditional AMM & Orderbook terminals on its platform to the users. The advanced orderbook will provide features like Limit Order, Market Order, Stop Loss etc at a minimum fee with the convenience of regular centralized exchanges while keeping everything decentralized. Enjoy Faster Transactions Speed- With Dexo advanced C-Dex Protocol, enjoy centralised exchange like fast execution of your orders with zero gas fees using off chain order book feature, and pay only for executed orders. Using Ox protocol relayer mechanism, Dexo aims to accelerate the transaction speed with complete anonym­ity while users completely control their assets.
2.2 NFT Marketplace Most users trade NFTs on dedicated marketplaces, similarly to how they might buy conventional cryptocurrencies on an exchange. Many NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, don’t custody users’ NFTs for them, instead allowing users to transfer NFTs directly between their own wallets — in this way, those marketplaces are similar to decentralized exchanges or P2P exchanges. Others, however, like Dapper Labs, handle custody on behalf of users, however, under both options, users are paying very high fees and often wait for the orders to be executed due to high fees as the NFT value is less than these platforms' fees. Dexo offers a fully decentralized NFT platform that enables users to create, list and trade into NFTs. Dexo aims to offer the cheapest fees for NFTs as compared to other platforms.
2.3 Dexo Launchpad Dexo will offer a fully decentralized, 100% transparent, and secure initial farm offering (IFO) and initial NFT offering (INO) platforms to launch projects easily. This will also give access to project owners to gain popularity and the most simple way to launch and distribute their tokens using Dexo community. 2.4 Dexo Perpetual Trading Our compre­hensive trading terminal will provide users with the convenience of regular centralized exchanges while keeping everything decentralized. This will allow users to trade perpetual contracts with leverage and minimum fees with exposure to limitless assets. Users can perform technical analysis and trade cryptos and derivatives with advanced order types such as Limit, Market, Stop-Loss, Take-Profit etc.
2.5 Dexo Index Trading Dexo index trading will offer a pre-defined portfolio of top/reputed cryptocurrencies which will help traders easily diversify their crypto portfolio. Dexo users can buy, sell or swap multiple crypto indices with a single click. This eliminates the process of buying and selling each coin/token individually. Dexo is one of the First DEXs to offer this feature to trade on underlying assets in a single click.
2.6 Dexo Lending Borrowing Dexo lending & borrowing platform will provide loans to businesses, or the public with no intermediaries present in between. On the other hand, Dexo lending protocol will enable everyone to earn interest on supplied stablecoins and cryptocurrencies. 2.7 Dexo Gamification Dexo aims to bring the most innovative gaming experience on its decentralized platform which will operate fully on blockchain technology. Furthermore, it will allow gamers to have a say in how the game evolves, as well as the opportunity to earn while they play, hence solving all of the intermediary's issues with the power of blockchain and DAO.

3. DEXO Token

3.1 DEXO Token DEXO is the native BEP-20 Token that fuels the entire Dexo eco­ system. It acts as both a "Utility and Dexo Governance" Token.
3.2 DEXO Tokenomics
DEXO Token Contract Address- 0xf9114498b7f38f3337d6295a3a0f3edf8da71326
DEXO Token Deflationary Mechanics In the near future, as & when Dexo Ecosystem is fully developed & functional, DEXO Tokens will also be burned in the following ways:
  • 100% of DEXO Tokens performance fees from IFOs
  • 100% of DEXO Tokens spent on Profile Creation on Dexo NFT Marketplace
  • 100% of DEXO Tokens bid during Farm Auctions
  • 20% of DEXO Tokens spent on Dexo Games
  • 2% of every yield harvest in the Auto DEXO Pool
  • Burn Pool (PID - 138) - burned DEXO per block
How to Confirm DEXO Token Supply To confirm that the circulating DEXO Token supply shown on the Dexo homepage is correct,
  1. 1.
    Head to the DEXO Token contract on BscScan and see how many DEXO Tokens are held by the Burn Address. That's the total amount of DEXO that's been burned (removed from circulation FOREVER, and impossible to ever retrieve).
  2. 2.
    Then, subtract this burned amount from the "Total Supply" that BscScan shows.
  3. 3.
    This gives you the actual DEXO Tokens supply.
3.3 DEXO Token Governance & Utility DEXO Token plays a quintessential role in the smooth functioning of the Dexo ecosystem. Some of the use cases of DEXO Tokens are as follows:
  • Stake it in DEXO Staking Pools to Earn Free Tokens
  • Use it in Yield Farms to Earn more DEXO Tokens
  • Use DEXO Tokens to pay discounted fees across all Dexo Protocol
  • Hold DEXO Tokens to get exclusive access to all IFO & INO Projects
  • Hold DEXO Tokens to access Dexo Games & Other Exclusive Early Participation.
Dexo Community Governance:- DEXO holders are responsible for the governance of the Dexo Protocol, which is done by selecting valid proposals by DEXO Tokens holders. But that's not all -- there's much more on the horizon for DEXO Token & its Community
3.4 DEXO Token Rewards Dexo Trading Rewards: Trading rewards is a mechanism to reward the traders for using Dexo platform. Each trader will be rewarded with Dexo tokens at every reward interval. These rewards can be claimed and used by traders for any purpose or to further use them under our staking pools. Dexo Staking Rewards: Staking Rewards is a mechanism to reward the DEXO Token for staking their DEXO tokens for a certain perio. Each holder is rewarded with additional DEXO tokens when they stake under Dexo Protocol. Learn more about Dexo Pools and Farms

4. Dexo Roadmap

Dexo Roadmap to Success: Dexo Team is developing a "Global Finance Platform for the Decentralized World Powered by Blockchain & Smart Contracts with No Intermediate"
Quarter-2 & 3 2022 🟣Dexo Idea & Initial Team Finalisation 🟣Dexo Website Live 🟣Beta Launch- AMM Trading & Advanced NFT Marketplace 🟣Beta Launch- Dexo Farms, Pools & Staking 🟣Dexo Community Building 🟣Dexo Airdrop Campaign Launch
Quarter-4 2022 🔵Mainnet Launch- Dexo AMM Trading & Advanced NFT Marketplace 🔵Mainnet Launch- Dexo Farms, Pools & Staking 🔵Beta Testing- Dexo C-Dex Order-Book Trading 🔵Full Security Audit for Dexo Smart Contracts 🔵Dexo Tokens Presale Launch 🔵Marketing Drive & Community Building 🔵DEXO Token Listing on Multiple CEX Exchanges 🔵Mainnet Launch- Dexo Cross-Chain Support 🔵Dexo Bug Bounty Program Launch
Quarter-1 2023 🟣Mainnet Launch- Dexo C-Dex Order-Book Trading 🟣Mainnet Launch- Dexo IFO & INO Launchpads 🟣Dexo Perpetual Trading Terminal Live 🟣Further Exchange Listings for DEXO Token 🟣Beta Launch for Dexo Index Trading 🟣Contunious Marketing Drive & Community Building 🟣Development Starts for Dexo Lending & Borrowing Protocol
Quarter-2 2023 🔵Mainnet Launch- Dexo Index Trading Terminal 🔵Beta Launch- Dexo Lending & Borrowing 🔵Exploring Partnerships for Dexo Lending & Borrowing Protocol 🔵Partnership with Project Teams for Dexo Launchpad 🔵Dexo will Launch its Aid Program to Support Artists across Globe for its NFT Marketplace 🔵Contunious Marketing Drive & Community Building 🔵Development starts for Dexo Gamification 🔵Dexo Team Expansion
Quarter-3 2023 🟣Further Exchange Listing for DEXO Tokens 🟣Dexo DAO Launch- Voting Portal Live for Dexo Community 🟣Initial Launch for Dexo Games with Continuing Development for more Games 🟣DEXO Token Burn Starts 🟣Continous Development to Support Different Chains 🟣Marketing Drive & Community Building for Dexo Games
Quarter-4 2023 🔵Dexo will Launch its own Metaverse with over 30 different Games 🔵Continuing DEXO Token Burn 🔵Regular Audits of Smart Contracts 🔵Continued Enhancements For Dexo Ecosystem

5. Dexo Team

We are a multi-talented, dynamic team of blockchain network experts, technologists, entrepreneurs, and engineers from all walks of life. As we continue to grow, we’re committed to recruiting the brightest top performers and industry experts to help us continue to bring our vision to life.
Dexo Team Core Principles: Resiliency: We take a holistic view of our industry and our team. By focusing on our mission, empowering our team, and focusing on balance and mindfulness, we are able to survive shocks and thrive in a world of uncertainty. Integrity: We put trust at the forefront of everything we do – from working with investors to stakeholders and community members. We are transparent and take a holistic and values-based approach to decision-making. Innovation: We are committed to engineering with ingenuity and to evolving business models for sustainability. From our investments in the DEXO to providing open-source IP, we are constantly looking for better ways to create value for all our stakeholders.

6. Dexo Community

Here you'll find Dexo's Official Website & Community.
Official Website:
Trading Terminal Url:
Admins will NEVER send you a direct message. If anybody approaches you directly on any of the social platforms or via other mediums and pretends to represent Dexo team member or customer support, please block them and report spam.
NEVER, under any situation, should you ever give someone your private key or recovery phrases. Immediately block and report anyone that asks for them.