Make a Proposal

Community proposals are a great way to see how the community feels about your ideas.

How to make a proposal?

  1. Go to Dexo Voting Portal then click on Connect Wallet in the top right corner

  2. Connect with the wallet where you hold a minimum of 10,000 DEXO Tokens and click on “New Proposal”

  3. Fill out the Title and summary of your proposal.

  4. Go to the “Actions” box and select the Voting type start date and end date of your proposal. Make sure you allow enough time for voting.

  5. Use the default Snapshot block number or you can change it according to your needs. The block number is the snapshot where the balance of voters will be counted.

  6. Click on “Publish” and your proposal is created!

Add a Snapshot Block Number

This number is important to lock the state of community members who are able to vote. Note that only the community members who hold relevant amounts of DEXO Tokens at the time of the creation of the Snapshot block number would be able to vote on the proposal.

When you create a proposal, by default the "snapshot block number" will be populated with the latest block sync from our node. You can use this default number while creating a proposal or just look at and use the last block number.

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