Dexo Tokenomics

DEXO Token Contract Address: 0xf9114498b7f38f3337d6295a3a0f3edf8da71326

  1. Team Tokens Locked - 3Yrs

  2. Dexo Treasury Tokens Locked - 4Yrs

  3. Presale Tokens will be released in a phased manner. 50% of Tokens will be released before listing and after the presale is over, the remaining 50% will be auto-staked and will be released over the next 5 months along with staking rewards of 42.18% APY (Annual Percentage Rewards).

DEXO Token Deflationary Mechanics

In the near future, as & when Dexo Ecosystem is fully developed & functional, DEXO Tokens will also be burned in the following ways:

  • 100% of DEXO Tokens performance fees from IFOs

  • 100% of DEXO Tokens spent on Profile Creation on Dexo NFT Marketplace

  • 100% of DEXO Tokens bid during Farm Auctions

  • 20% of DEXO Tokens spent on Dexo Games

  • 2% of every yield harvest in the Auto DEXO Pool

  • Burn Pool (PID - 138) - burned DEXO per block

How to Confirm DEXO Token Supply

To confirm that the circulating DEXO Token supply shown on the Dexo homepage is correct,

  1. Head to the DEXO Token contract on BscScan and see how many DEXO Tokens are held by the Burn Address. That's the total amount of DEXO that's been burned (removed from circulation FOREVER, and impossible to ever retrieve).

  2. Then, subtract this burned amount from the "Total Supply" that BscScan shows.

  3. This gives you the actual DEXO Tokens supply.

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